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oil and water

Company merger – cultural integration project

Who: A mortgage servicing company and a building society were merging, the latter being split between the mortgage servicer and their parent company, resulting in a number of redundancies and previous competitors needing to work together. Brief: The mortgage servicer wanted to ensure that staff moving across from the building society understood their strategy and values, and to inspire the…


New strategy and values – embedding cultural change

Who: A leading third-party financial administration company appointed a new CEO who had a strong vision to change the culture and introduce shared values and new ways of working. Brief: To ensure employees understood the need for change and the important part this would play in the company’s continuous improvement journey. Approach:

 The company engaged a specialist design agency to…


Relocation project – supporting major business change

Who: A financial services organisation underwent a major business change programme involving relocation of 800 staff from four disparate offices to a new state-of-the-art head office building. Brief: To support the company in communicating the change, creating engagement and pride for the new working environment. Also to promote the numerous efficiencies and environmental savings gained from the move. Approach: Most…