Company merger – cultural integration project


A mortgage servicing company and a building society were merging, the latter being split between the mortgage servicer and their parent company, resulting in a number of redundancies and previous competitors needing to work together.


The mortgage servicer wanted to ensure that staff moving across from the building society understood their strategy and values, and to inspire the 300 new staff members to share their vision and work together as one company.


I created a communications plan and cultural integration report to:

  • outline similarities/differences between the two strategy and value cultures
  • highlight opportunities for improving processes/systems
  • identify risks and mitigating factors to reduce probability of disengaged staff

I made recommendations to senior management and incorporated these into all future communication channels, taking the perspective of creating new opportunities for growth and learning.


An employee engagement survey showed a 6% increase in engagement within the first year post-merger, which continued to rise over the next couple of years.