Company museum portal – interactive website celebrating 25 years


A service company employing over 2,000 staff at its peak wanted to mark their 25 years in business through a range of communication initiatives to staff and clients.


To create an interactive web portal highlighting key changes for the company over the years, relating these to world events and incorporating archive material (both digital and scanned printed media) to create a buzz within the employee community.


I sourced a range of media from the company’s own archives and its staff, from branding to employee magazines, brochures and photos from various company events. Some of this was used to create a ‘physical museum’ on each site with printed cards explaining the history behind each object.

Printed material was scanned and uploaded along with other digital media and used as background information for the main story. I then created an interactive PDF, designing pages, menus and buttons to link the different sections together and explain the company’s journey – an ‘online museum’ – all accessible via the intranet so that staff could add their own stories to the archive using SharePoint collaboration.


The online museum was one part of a whole internal communications campaign and received very positive feedback. Photos of staff and events both past and present were especially popular, along with reminiscing about how technology and working practices had changed over the years.

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