Intranet solutions – supporting change projects with SharePoint functionality


A leading outsourcing company with employees spread across multiple sites in the UK and Ireland often struggled to share up-to-date information and documentation for projects and other company initiatives.


To make more use of an existing SharePoint installation to create online spaces for staff to collaborate across teams/sites and support major change projects and other communications events/activities.


I led the initiation and implementation of a number of online collaborative sites in SharePoint to enhance cross-site communication and help staff share knowledge, focusing initially on small groups for specific projects. Over time this grew to be a company-wide norm for all major change and IT projects.

I also built bespoke SharePoint applications using lists, forms and workflow in order to automate manual processes for teams supporting internal customers. This included an action planning tool, car sharing database, parking permit application and various forms, surveys and reports to support the annual staff awards process.


Whilst many benefits of online collaboration are intangible, the creation of one SharePoint application alone saved the company in excess of £11,000 as it meant they didn’t need to purchase a specialist third-party application.