Relocation project – supporting major business change


A financial services organisation underwent a major business change programme involving relocation of 800 staff from four disparate offices to a new state-of-the-art head office building.


To support the company in communicating the change, creating engagement and pride for the new working environment. Also to promote the numerous efficiencies and environmental savings gained from the move.


Most staff were excited at the prospect of working in a modern building, however there was also a lot of apprehension about moving from smaller, more intimate offices to large open-plan spaces and the resulting impact of new ways of working.

An important part of allaying these concerns was to enable two-way communication via a number of focus groups. I also created a series of web portals to support initiatives such as green travel plans and worked with an agency to help design an orientation guide – both online and printed.

To ensure regular updates throughout the project, I created a communication plan which included progress photos, articles for employee magazines and videos – designed to both inform and generate excitement about the move.


Employee feedback was very positive. Ensuring their views were heard throughout and concerns either addressed or explained helped create trust and build advocacy, and many of the focus group participants led tours of the new building for other staff.