New strategy and values – embedding cultural change

A leading third-party financial administration company appointed a new CEO who had a strong vision to change the culture and introduce shared values and new ways of working.


To ensure employees understood the need for change and the important part this would play in the company’s continuous improvement journey.


The company engaged a specialist design agency to deliver a creative campaign to demonstrate how the strategy was values-led and show real examples of how they could bring the new values to life by rewarding the right behaviours.

I supported the initial launch and worked closely with the HR department and agency on a number of communications initiatives to further embed values into the culture, to the point where they ultimately became part of how the company operated.

Projects with the agency included: annual employee awards, a quarterly employee magazine, an orientation guide, an online strategy portal and welcome cards. In-house projects included: videos for end of year reviews, CEO updates and annual leadership conferences.


The results of the Employee Opinion Survey showed a 12% improvement in employee engagement for the first 6 months, which continued to rise over next 3 years.

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Engaging employees and embedding cultural change